To drive the organization toward achieving the newly established vision and strategic position, EXIM Thailand has redefined its organization strategies to better respond to external environments and public sector policies in place, and also to cope with global economic volatility. We are committed to support high value-added industries and eco-friendly businesses, promote investment to enable technology transfer, and develop entrepreneurs’ competitive capabilities on the global front. In so doing, entrepreneurs of all sizes within the value chain would be strengthened toward growth together along with Thai economy on the back of solid fundamentals. EXIM Thailand’s 5-year Strategic Plan (2023-2027) contains seven strategies as follows:

  • Value-added Integrator


    Be a mechanism to build value added to Thai businesses throughout the export value chain,

    anchored on 2 strategic actions, i.e. (1.1) to boost value-added to Thai export on the global front through such mechanisms as business matching and value chain financing, and (1.2) to extend support for exporters via two-step lending.
  • Syndication Arranger


    Take the lead in arranging financial access through integrated cooperation with allied Specialized Financial Institutions (SFIs),

    anchored on 2 strategic actions, i.e. (2.1) to provide greater financial access via co-lending, and (2.2) to uplift process efficiency with formula lending.
  • Soft Power and Growth Driver


    Drive expansion of new S-curve and service businesses to create new value,

    anchored on 1 strategic action, i.e. (3.1) to encourage development of and investment in high potential businesses, e.g. digital and health businesses, those of creative economy, and so forth, to build up a new group of main industries for the country in line with the National Strategies.
  • End-to-End (E2E) Net Zero
    Economy Escalator


    Uplift Thai businesses toward green economy,

    anchored on 2 strategic actions, i.e. (4.1) to support businesses that are ecofriendly and use clean energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction/elimination technology, and (4.2) to serve as a mechanism in uplifting business management with adherence to new international trade rules.
  • Push & Pull Investment Aggregator


    Drive investment to enable technology transfer,

    anchored on 2 strategic actions, i.e. (5.1) to support investment conducive to advanced technology transfer and enhancement of capabilities of Thai businesses, government-to-government (G2G) projects, and public-private partnership (PPP) deals, and (5.2) to support Thai investment abroad.
  • Organizational Driver


    Enhance internal organization management to ensure resilient growth,

    anchored on 4 strategic actions, i.e. (6.1) to escalate business operation that would drive business model of the future, (6.2) to boost work efficiency and service provision with innovation and digital technology, (6.3) to develop personnel’s knowledge base and productivity in pace with the global dynamics, and (6.4) to boost eco-efficiency of resources within the organization and mitigate impacts on the environment.
  • Total Solution Provider


    Build up entrepreneurs’ potential and confidence in international trade and investment,

    anchored on 2 strategic actions, i.e. (7.1) to safeguard Thai entrepreneurs against trade and investment risks, and (7.2) to develop entrepreneurs’ knowledge and competence on a total solution basis.