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Financial Facilities

Letter of Credit (L/C) Opening service is offered to importers purchasing goods, raw materials or machinery from abroad under L/C payment term. After L/C is opened, EXIM Thailand makes payment on behalf of importers according to the L/C payment term specified (at sight or terms),

Import Bill for Collection (B/C) is a payment tool whereby an exporter (seller) overseas agrees to forward export documents to an importer (buyer) via an importer’s bank once the goods have been shipped.

Trust Receipt (T/R) is a short-term financing facility offered to importers who buy goods or raw materials from abroad under different types of payment terms such as Letter of Credit (L/C), Bill for Collection (B/C), or Outward Remittance.

EXIM Thailand issues a shipping guarantee (S/G) in favor of a shipping company to enable importers to collect goods prior to the arrival of shipping documents, thereby helping to reduce cost of storing goods at seaport.

EXIM Thailand offers Outward Remittance service to those wishing to transfer money to make payment for goods or services abroad.