Financing Facilities for Logistics Service Providers

A facility to finance the expansion, improvement or upgrading of logistics services in exporting process, including warehousing, distribution center and international freight forwarding services. There are three types of such facility:
  1. Working capital facility: Available in the form of P/N issuance aiming to finance business expansion and meet working capital requirement, with loans disbursed against invoices.
  2. Guarantee facility: Available for air freight forwarders to provide guarantee to airliners to which they render the air freight forwarding service, with loans disbursed against confirmation certificates or air freight forwarder certificates from airliners.
  3. Medium- to long-term facility: To finance the expansion, improvement or upgrading of logistics services in exporting process.
  • Being a provider of logistics services to exporters and having been registered and operated in Thailand for at least three years.
  • Being an ordinary member of associations or organizations concerned with international transport that are acceptable to the Bank, for example, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association (TAFA), or Thai International Freight Forwarder Association (TIFFA); or being an operator with good reputation and strong financial standing well recognized in the international transport business circle. *
  • Having shareholders’ equity higher than paid-up registered capital.
  • Not having a troubled loan record with any financial institution.

Remark* Applicable to freight forwarders only.



Contact for service at

EXIM Thailand’s Head Office
(In Case 1 and 2)

Tel. 0 2617 2111 (In Case 3)