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1993 - 1994
Export - Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM)
Background and Objectives
Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Thailand) is a state-owned specialized financial institution under the Ministry of Finance’s supervision. It was established by the Export-Import Bank of Thailand Act, 1993 (B.E. 2536), which took effect on September 7, 1993. The Bank’s objective is to conduct business which promotes and supports Thai export, import, and investment for the purpose of national development by providing credit facilities, guarantees, insurance against risks, or other services conducive to the achievement of its goals.

Besides capital increases from the Ministry of Finance to accommodate its business operations in each period (the latest, in 2021, was the first capital increase in 12 years), EXIM Thailand is self-reliant financially through fundraising in the forms of borrowing from financial institutions both at home and abroad and issuance of short- and long-term financial instruments for offering to financial institutions, state agencies and the general public, to provide credit facilities to Thai exporters and investors.
<span style="color:#f01d26;">2022</span>
Redefined operation strategies and guidelines to cope with the rapidly changing environment, particularly in support of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concept.

<span style="color:#f01d26;">2021</span>

Obtaining approval of capital increase of 4.198 billion baht

Payment of the first installment of 2.198 billion baht was made on November 17, 2021 and the second installment of 2 billion baht to be made by 2023 aiming to expand EXIM Thailand’s role as a “Development Bank” well-positioned to provide full-fledged financial and non-financial services to Thai entrepreneurs.

<span style="color:#f01d26;">2018</span>

Enactment of EXIM Thailand Act (No. 3), 2018

with expanded scope of insurance service provision to enable EXIM Thailand’s efficient promotion and support for exporters and investors
<span style="color:#f01d26;">2017</span>

Implementation of action plans/projects under the new strategic plan 

to move toward being a worldclass specialized financial institution serving as a key mechanism in driving forward Thailand’s international trade and investment strategies.
<span style="color:#f01d26;">2016</span>

Driving EXIM Thailand transformation

in line with EXIM Thailand’s redefined role and new strategies as the driving force for national strategies and sustainable development.
<span style="color:#f01d26;">2009</span>

Capital increase of 5 billion baht under the Strong Thailand Scheme

to support the provision of export credit insurance facility in response to the government policy of Thai export promotion.
<span style="color:#f01d26;">2008</span>

Capital increase of 1.3 billion baht

to promote and support export, import and investment both at home and abroad to a greater extent.
<span style="color:#f01d26;">1999</span>

Enactment of EXIM Thailand Act (No. 2), 1999

with amendment to EXIM Thailand’s objectives and empowerment to support Thai entrepreneurs’ overseas investment and domestic direct investment that enables foreign exchange saving or earning.
<span style="color:#f01d26;">1998</span>

Capital increase of 4 billion baht for liquidity enhancement measures

rolled out to ensure continued export growth while most commercial banks halted expanding loan provision in the aftermath of an economic crisis in Thailand
<span style="color:#f01d26;">1994</span>

Official commencement of operation

on February 17, 1994 with an initial capital of 2.5 billion baht from the Ministry of Finance.
<span style="color:#f01d26;">1993</span>

Establishment of EXIM Thailand

pursuant to EXIM Thailand Act, 1993 (B.E. 2536) as a state-owned specialized financial institution to provide financial facilities in support of international trade and investment.