Financial Facilities for Overseas Construction Contacts

A facility to support various kinds of overseas contracts such as building renovation, machinery maintenance and renovation, and technical consultancy. This facility is divided into 3 categories:
  1. Long-term loan to contracting parties in foreign countries who engage Thai contractors.
  2. Short- to medium-term credit to be used as working capital for the work under contract.
  3. Issuance of guarantees at different stages of project from bidding to completion.
1. Long-term loan to contracting parties overseas. EXIM Thailand provides the loan up to 85% of the cost of construction work by
  • Extending the loan in US dollar to contracting parties’ banks overseas for relending to the contracting parties relying mainly on the bank’s credibility.
  • Extending the loan in US dollar directly to contracting parties abroad (Buyer’s Credit) based on the contracting parties’ ability to generate income from the construction project for loan repayment.
2. Short- to medium-term credit to be used as working capital. EXIM Thailand provides credit directly to Thai contractors in baht or US dollar, subject to the contractor’s ability and sources of income.
3. Issuance of guarantees is undertaken by
  • EXIM Thailand issuing guarantees to contracting parties to support Thai contractors.
  • EXIM Thailand contacting a foreign bank abroad to issue a letter of guarantee which is counter-guaranteed by EXIM Thailand.
In issuing guarantees, EXIM Thailand’s main consideration criteria include the contractors’ ability to fulfill contractual obligations.
  • Project Information such as construction contract or draft construction contract, Background and Financial Status of the employer, Sources of fund, Projection Cash Flow for the Project and Schedule of Works.
  • Contractor Information such as A Copy of Article of Incorporation and Relevant Permits, Financial Statement (for the last 3 years), Background and Experience.



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