Financial Facilities for Overseas Investment

A long-term credit to support Thai investors’ overseas investment projects.
Depending on project type.
  • EXIM Thailand extends loan to overseas project companies with Thai shareholders or to Thai businesses investing in projects overseas.
  • EXIM Thailand also arranges syndicated loans for capital-intensive projects.
  • Project Information such as Location, Project Invesment cost.
  • Investor Information such as Shareholding Structure of the Project, Experience, Financial Statement (for the last 3 years), A Copy of Articles of Incorporation.
  • Marketing Information such as Target Customer, Currency of Selling Price, Competitors.
  • Financial Information such as Sources and Uses of Fund, Financial Projection of the Project and related assumption.
  • Legal Documents such as A Copy of Article of Incorporation of the Project Company and Relevant Permits, A Copy of Investment License.
  • Financial requirement and Proposed Collateral



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