Business Policy

EXIM Thailand’s business policy is to render financial supports to facilitate entrepreneurs’ expansion of export and investment both at home and overseas through credit lending, insurance, or development of other products/services with diverse financial innovations and on the total solution basis. The Bank focuses on enhancing Thai businesses’ trade and investment capabilities and supporting Thai trade and investment competitiveness in the global markets. Furthermore, EXIM Thailand is a government mechanism in driving Thai trade and investment toward sustainable growth in alignment with the sustainable development context of international standards. It is the Bank’s commitment to empower Thai entrepreneurs throughout the value chains, particularly in industries that would build value added to Thailand and those in response to private sector policies (S-curve industries) with a view to moving Thailand out of the middle-income trap looking forward.

         EXIM Thailand is determined to perform its role as Thailand Development Bank and brave challenges toward its vision “To take the lead in driving Thailand’s trade and investment strategies for sustainable growth on the global front,” with operation guidelines set forth in multiple areas below:

  • Promotion of Export and Import


    EXIM Thailand has developed its export promotion approaches with provision of financial services throughout the value chain and non-financial services, as well as boosting exporters’ confidence with insurance services against risk of non-payment by foreign buyers, aiming to promote expansion of Thai export, particularly to new frontiers with good prospects. The Bank also seeks to promote investment for business expansion, improvement of production efficiency, and import of goods and services that would help elevate standards of Thai goods in the world markets.   

  • Promotion of the Country’s
    Target Industries


    EXIM Thailand has a policy in place to develop industries in line with the government policy by driving business expansion of target industries, i.e. new S-curve industries with high potential, such as digital and health businesses and those conducive to creative economy, and fostering development of environmentally friendly industries in response to the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy policy, e.g. clean/renewable energy, as well as supporting Government-to-Government (G2G) projects and Public–Private Partnership (PPP) projects by way of offering long-term domestic credit facilities and value chain financing to both manufacturing and service sectors.    

  • Promotion of Thai Investment Overseas

    EXIM Thailand has a policy in place to enhance Thai investors’ potential for investment overseas aiming to expand markets or make best use of resources and trade privileges from various countries. Moreover, the Bank has significantly taken part in supporting cooperation in economic development with countries in the region, such as rendering of long-term loans to neighboring countries for infrastructure development projects that use Thai goods and services, and supporting domestic investment benefiting development of infrastructures, industrial sectors, and national economy in line with the government policy, such as maritime shipping and alternative energy.
  • Corporate Governance

    EXIM Thailand upholds good corporate governance principles and sound banking practices, while paying due regard to commercial viability and repayment ability of the debtors. At the same time, it continuously and regularly promotes personnel development and system streamlining under the good corporate governance and management standards. Priority is also given to operation under the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.