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Financial Facilities

With a worldwide correspondent network covering more than 600 banks overseas, EXIM Thailand provides Letter of Credit (L/C) Advising and Amendment Services for L/Cs issued by banks all over the world.

Letter of Credit (L/C) Transfer is an extension service of the L/C Advising and Amendment Facility. Exporters receiving transferable L/Cs from buyers can request L/C transfer arrangement to a second beneficiary as needed.

EXIM Thailand provides export bill collection or negotiation services to exporters having presented post-shipment export documents to the Bank. Prior to payment collection from L/C issuing bank overseas, the Bank examines export documents to ensure that they comply with L/C conditions.

Under the Export Bill for Collection (B/C) service, EXIM Thailand forwards export documents to buyers overseas via their representative bank for proceeds collection. Exporter’s instruction will be strictly followed.

This service allows exporters to receive export proceeds within two working days after their buyers transfer payment of goods or services via SWIFT, provided that all conditions are met.

Forward contract is a form of foreign currency trade with a settlement date set in the future. EXIM Thailand’s Forward Contract service aims to protect importer/exporter making/receiving payment in foreign currency from foreign exchange fluctuations,