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Financial Facilities

Medium- to Long-term Credit Facility provided to overseas buyers to promote the import of goods and/or services from Thailand.

Medium- to Long-term Loans

A medium- to long-term credit facility to support the expansion of exporters’ production capacity, such as factory expansion, purchase of additional machinery, investment in other fixed assets or new manufacturing plants. Businesses eligible for support are export-oriented manufacturers,

A long-term credit facility aimed at enhancing the competitive edge of Thai exporters of new or used machinery or other capital goods.

A short- to medium-term credit facility for exporters, particularly SEMs, wishing to expand their markets through international trade fairs. A credit line of 0.5 - 1 million baht per trade fair with an annual interest rate - 1% is available.

A facility to finance the expansion, improvement or upgrading of logistics services in exporting process, including warehousing, distribution center and international freight forwarding services. There are three types of such facility:

Export Credit

A revolving line of credit provided in baht, US dollar or yen to exporters of all kinds of products to meet their pre-shipment financial needs. (The Yen-denominated facility is available to exporters possessing letter of credit (L/C), contract or purchase order (P/O) in yen only.)

A revolving line of credit extended to indirect exporters (export suppliers) to finance their preparation of goods destined for export. Eligible suppliers include those who import raw materials for export-oriented production and/or possess purchase orders (P/O) from direct exporters

A revolving line of credit extended to exporters enabling them to issue postdated cheque to their suppliers for discount at EXIM Thailand in order to receive funds for use as working capital before the cheque due date.

An L/C issuing facility or money transfer service to support the import of merchandise from supplier in one country for re-exporting to buyer in another country, which will help enhance Thailand's potential to become a regional trade center. Under this facility,

Financial Facilities for Import

Letter of Credit (L/C) Opening service is offered to importers purchasing goods, raw materials or machinery from abroad under L/C payment term. After L/C is opened, EXIM Thailand makes payment on behalf of importers according to the L/C payment term specified (at sight or terms),

Import Bill for Collection (B/C) is a payment tool whereby an exporter (seller) overseas agrees to forward export documents to an importer (buyer) via an importer’s bank once the goods have been shipped.

Trust Receipt (T/R) is a short-term financing facility offered to importers who buy goods or raw materials from abroad under different types of payment terms such as Letter of Credit (L/C), Bill for Collection (B/C), or Outward Remittance.

EXIM Thailand issues a shipping guarantee (S/G) in favor of a shipping company to enable importers to collect goods prior to the arrival of shipping documents, thereby helping to reduce cost of storing goods at seaport.

EXIM Thailand offers Outward Remittance service to those wishing to transfer money to make payment for goods or services abroad.

Other Financial Facilities for Export

With a worldwide correspondent network covering more than 600 banks overseas, EXIM Thailand provides Letter of Credit (L/C) Advising and Amendment Services for L/Cs issued by banks all over the world.

Letter of Credit (L/C) Transfer is an extension service of the L/C Advising and Amendment Facility. Exporters receiving transferable L/Cs from buyers can request L/C transfer arrangement to a second beneficiary as needed.

EXIM Thailand provides export bill collection or negotiation services to exporters having presented post-shipment export documents to the Bank. Prior to payment collection from L/C issuing bank overseas, the Bank examines export documents to ensure that they comply with L/C conditions.

Under the Export Bill for Collection (B/C) service, EXIM Thailand forwards export documents to buyers overseas via their representative bank for proceeds collection. Exporter’s instruction will be strictly followed.

This service allows exporters to receive export proceeds within two working days after their buyers transfer payment of goods or services via SWIFT, provided that all conditions are met.

Forward contract is a form of foreign currency trade with a settlement date set in the future. EXIM Thailand’s Forward Contract service aims to protect importer/exporter making/receiving payment in foreign currency from foreign exchange fluctuations,