Credit measures for investment and increase production efficiency.

Long-term loans, for entrepreneurs to buy or improve machinery and equipment. Or improve the factory to increase production efficiency and reduce costs.
1st to 2nd year : 2.00% per annum.
3rd to 5th year : Prime Rate - 2.00% per annum.
6th to 7th year : Prime Rate per annum.
Remark : The Prime rate on June 30, 2020 is 5.75% per annum.
Credit line up to 100 million baht per customer.
For general entrepreneurs.
- Collateral and a personal guarantee / A juristic persons guarantee (Including a collateral at least 40%).
For SMEs.
- A personal guarantee / A juristic persons guarantee and TCG letter guarantee (TCG ratio is 100%) (Including a collateral at least 40%).
Remark : Collateral such as fix deposit, land, building or etc.
Exporters, importers for manufacturers to export, manufacturers for exporters, importers of machinery and equipment for national development.
  • Installment period up to 7 years (including 1 year grace period).
  • Able to draw down not more than 80% of the machinery value.
  • Free! 4 year TCG guarantee fee.
  • Free! Front-end-Fee.
  • Free! Forward Contract 1.5 times of credit limit.
  • Approval period from today until April 31, 2020.
* Conditions are as specified by the EXIM Thailand.



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