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Financial Facilities for Overseas Investment

A facility to support various kinds of overseas contracts such as building renovation, machinery maintenance and renovation, and technical consultancy. This facility is divided into 3 categories:

A long-term credit to support Thai investors’ overseas investment projects.

To support Thai investors who intend to open Thai restaurants in foreign countries.

Financing Facilities for Domestic investment

A long-term credit facility to finance Thai maritime businesses’ purchase of old or new ships. This facility is aimed to promote the development and utilization of Thai shipping fleet.

A medium- to long-term credit facility to support infrastructure projects such as power plants and telecommunication projects. Eligible projects must help to increase Thailand’s capacity to export or save foreign exchange in the long run.

A medium- to long-term credit facility to support Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, such as biogas and biomass power plants, available in conjunction with Term Loan for National Development.