Major Investments

EXIM Thailand has made key investments to get the organization prepared for the transformation journey and boost proactive operational efficiency by driving the organization toward digital banking with the use of digital infrastructure that can accommodate changes and enable the Bank to apply innovations for developing new products and channels to optimize our customer service. This aims to support trade and investment and enhance competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs. Such investment projects are as described below:

  • Development of Core Banking System


    To ensure the Bank has advanced and updated core banking system to accommodate credit, deposit and trade finance operations as well as development of connection system for exchange of information inside the Bank and connection with business alliances outside the Bank via Application Programming Interface (API) to serve business requirements both at present and in the future and increase flexibility and efficiency in work processes so that the Bank would be able to meet demand and expectation of entrepreneurs and stakeholders in whatsoever forms.

  • Development of Insurance Origination System


    To increase efficiency, streamline and shorten the insurance process to enable timely customer analysis and service. Moreover, this system will accommodate growth of insurance turnover in the future as well.