Financial Facilities

Project Finance

Merchant Marine Financing

A long-term credit facility to finance Thai maritime businesses’ purchase of old or new ships. This facility is aimed to promote the development and utilization of Thai shipping fleet.
Up to 7 years
Up to 75% of the value of ship purchased.
A Thai registered company, with majority shares owned by local Thai citizen.
The loan must be used in purchasing new ships or ships not over 20 years old.
The ship purchased must be registered in Thailand and carries the Thai flag.
Must engage mainly in international cargo shipping.
Required Documents
Company’s history and operating results
Company’s financial statement and bank statement
Specification of the ship to be purchased, such as vessel type, size, tonnage, age, etc.
Other documents to testify the ship’s condition and pricing such as list of survey status, class maintenance certificates, and ship valuation certificates.
Cash flow projections of the ships already owned and of those about to purchase.
Safety Management Certificates (ISM Code)
Collateral documents
For further information, please contact
Customer Service Center, EXIM Thailand’s Head Office tel. 0 2271 2929