Financial Facilities

Project Finance

Financing Facilities for Thai Restaurants Overseas

To support Thai investors who intend to open Thai restaurants in foreign countries.
Type of Financing
This facility offers term loan denominated in baht or US dollar, Euro, or Yen.
Qualification of the Borrower
1. Being a Thai national or juristic person registered in Thailand with more than half of its registered capital held by a Thai     national.
2. Holding at least 50% of total shares of the invested restaurant and operate the restaurant by themselves.
3. Having at least 1 year of experience in restaurant management overseas or at least 3 years of experience in restaurant     management in Thailand.
4. Having good understanding of the local environment related to restaurant business or having a partner who is familiar with     restaurant business in the area enough to succeed.
Required Documents
1. Project Information: location, total investment needs.
2. Investor Information: manager, shareholders, shareholding and experience, financial statements and bank statements.
3. Market Information: marketing plan, target customers.
4. Financial Information: sources and uses of fund, financial projections and monthly expenses.
5. Legal Documents: copy of license to operate a restaurant and buy/lease contract of restaurant.
6. Collateral.
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