Financial Facilities

Project Finance

Financing Facilities for Overseas Investment

A long-term credit to support Thai investors’ overseas investment projects.
Depending on project type.
Types of Credit
EXIM Thailand extends loan to overseas project companies with Thai shareholders or to Thai businesses investing in projects overseas.

EXIM Thailand also arranges syndicated loans for capital-intensive projects.
Required Documents
Project Information such as Location, Project Invesment cost.
Investor Information such as Shareholding Structure of the Project, Experience, Financial Statement (for the last 3 years), A Copy of Articles of Incorporation.
Marketing Information such as Target Customer, Currency of Selling Price, Competitors.
Financial Information such as Sources and Uses of Fund, Financial Projection of the Project and related assumption.
Legal Documents such as A Copy of Article of Incorporation of the Project Company and Relevant Permits, A Copy of Investment License.
Financial requirement and Proposed Collateral
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