Photo Releases
Year 2017
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   EXIM Thailand Discusses with Export Development Canada to Promote International Trade and Investment 21 April 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Discusses Financial Support Framework for Asian EXIM Banks 20 April 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates 65th Anniversary of MCOT 7 April 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Holds EXIM Mobile Clinic event to Incubate SME Exporters in the North 5 April 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Discussed with Commercial Counselor of Royal Embassy of Cambodia on Thai-Cambodian Trade and Investment Promotion 3 April 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates 142nd Anniversary of Ministry of Finance 31 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand and Sinosure Discuss Ways to Promote International Trade and Investment Insurance for Thai and Chinese Entrepreneurs 29 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Discusses Collaboration with the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and BBVA 29 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Joins the Forum “CLMVT: the New Economic Driving Force of Asia Linking with the Eastern Economic Corridor” 27 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates Director on New Appointment as Thai Ambassador to India 24 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Force with Khonkaen FTI to Promote SME Exporters and Export Suppliers in the Northeast 21 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Hand with ICBC (Thai) to Promote International Trade and Investment 20 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Joins SME Revolution: Creating Opportunities for SME 4.0 15 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Opens Booth at Money Expo Hatyai 2017 15 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Finances Food and Drinks Plc.’s Overseas Expansion of ZUMMER Beverage Business 13 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Genius Academy 2017 to Promote Thai Entrepreneurs’ Business Excellence 10 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Obtains License for Establishment of Its Representative Office in Yangon, Myanmar 9 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Coordinates with Commerce Ministry’s Department of Foreign Trade to Create a Network of Young Entrepreneurs in Thailand and CLMV 6 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Joins “Eurasian Day 2017: Doing Business in Russia and Kazakhstan with In-depth Markets Intelligence and Strategy” Seminar 3 March 2017 
   EXIM Thailand Supports the Construction of Computer Training School of Foundation for Support and Development of Disabled Persons in Nonthaburi 2 March 2017 
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