Photo Releases
Year 2018
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   EXIM Thailand Welcomes Delegation from Bhutanese Ministry of Economic Affairs 21 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand and Loxley PCL Co-develop e-Trading Platform 20 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits YEN-D Vietnam Entrepreneurs 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Thai Business (Vietnam) Association 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Office of Commercial Affairs in Hanoi 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Royal Thai Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Thai Charge d Affaires in Hanoi 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Visits Vietnam Development Bank 14 June 2018 
    EXIM Thailand Visits State Bank of Vietnam 14 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Hosted 24th Asian EXIM Banks Forum Technical Working Group to Promote Trade and Investment in Asia 13 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Finances Glovetex Co., Ltd.’s Industrial Glove Invention under Strategy to Support High-Potential SME Exporters 11 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates New Director-General, State Enterprise Policy Office, Ministry of Finance 8 June 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Receives ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification 31 May 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Launches “CLM Trade Insurance” to Provide Risk Coverage to Thai Exporters in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar 30 May 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Hand with Public and Private Agencies Promote Thai SMEs toward Thailand 4.0 Era 28 May 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Supports Children in Ban Dek Ramindra School on the Occasion of 5th Anniversary of Smart SME Channel 28 May 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Joins Friendship Sports Activities with BOT and GFC 28 May 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Congratulates 13rd Anniversary of NEDA 17 May 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Supports 2018 Ananda Mahidol Day Commemorative Pin Project to Help Children, Ailing Monks and Indigent Patients 17 May 2018 
   EXIM Thailand Holds FX Risk Management Seminar to Promote the Use of FX Risk Hedging Tools for SME exporters 14 May 2018 
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